Shaping the future of Education through blended learning

Education needs to adopt hybrid models for lifelong learning. The educational sector is experiencing significant change. Hybrid and flexible learning models alter how students learn, and how faculty support new delivery mechanisms. In a nutshell, the need for rapid digital transformation in education has never been greater.

Adept View’s consulting expertise and comprehensive solution can build sustainable digital systems that improve student/employee satisfaction, drive learning outcomes, and optimize operations for the new normal.

We help educational institutions identify and deal with the changing environment & offer a complete portfolio of education technology solutions for these institutions.

Blended, technology-supported education will not only enrich students, but also faculties and institutions a win-win for individuals, government, and society.


Rethink Insurance for a digital world

Our solution provides new business models driven by quicker time to market for products and reduced maintenance cost and innovative customer experience to benefit policy holders in their daily lives

In today’s world, the insurance companies become an essential part of their customers’ lives with seamless, secure, personalized engagement.

Adept View’s insurance expertise bringing capabilities such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and cloud for flexibility, innovation, and global delivery presence to realize this vision and upgrade legacy systems.

Digital transformation will help insurers maintain high quality experiences for policy holders during the pandemic while improving business


Let's Check Our Featured Services

Dynamic disruptions and the impact of technology are enforcing banks to adapt to innovative business models. Adept View is here to help find value in your data using innovative technology to create amazing customer experiences. We provide flexible architecture in the cloud, with market-leading tools and solutions.

We help you streamline your business processes with strategies and solutions that grow your business and keep customers at the centre of your organization.

We foster strategic partnerships with organizations to become future proof especially in this post-pandemic world.

Adept View’s Risk & Compliance team helps our clients to deliver technology change from the impact of risk, cybersecurity, financial crime, and emerging technologies.

Lines Of Business

Core Banking Operations

Risk management & Banking Integration

Payment Monitoring & Cloud Enablement

Financial Software Applications

Treasury management Software & Solutions

Solutions across commercial & Corporate Lending

Energy & Utilities

Innovative Solutions for real world results

The current Energy & Utilities industry is changing dramatically. It needs to be rewired to become increasingly agile and responsive to shifts in business and technology.

Adept View is an experienced solution provider in the Energy and Utility business. We help them to boost their quality of service & productivity in the right direction with our innovative ideas and solutions in digital technology, business consultancy, infrastructure & network services, etc

Our IoT expertise provide solutions which enable companies to utilize the application development using low code and APIs. Thus, organizations can quickly develop applications that integrate real time data from IoT devices, analyse it and provide innovative business insights. The Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence plays a great role in processing the IoT data in transforming the sensor data into observations.


Making the transition to digital manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted manufacturers globally, from demand declines and supply disruption to employee health and safety risks. However, they can utilize this opportunity to rework on their strategy and product offerings. Hence, it is important for enterprises to take decisive action and it leads to digital transformation including risk management, employee welfare and commercial models that can be built upon to create more adaptable manufacturing systems in future.

Adept View can provide new business models, insight-driven customer engagement, partner ecosystems by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Smart factories, IT modernization with new SAP S/4 HANA, deploy more IoT enabled devices & sensors including remote video monitoring, Extend manufacturing networks with blockchain etc.

With new digital skills and technologies, manufacturers can make business decisions based on real-time contextual data. It’s the biggest opportunity of the age, and we can help you make the transition.


Reinventing the customer Experience

Ensuring guests are delighted through enhanced personalized experiences.

It is time for the hospitality industry to embrace digital transformation to accommodate the changing guest expectations and demands in the post pandemic era. We modernize the IT infrastructure, reservation systems, customer service, and back-office processes.

In today’s competitive world, Adept View can provide the industry emerging hospitality IT solutions with IoT offerings that are essential to solve complex problems and help hospitality companies take advantage of exciting opportunities faster than their competitors.

Adept View has in-depth domain expertise and experience in delivering solutions and services in achieving better guest experience and brand awareness. Our expertise with mobile apps, agile development, IoT offerings and digital transformation can help your business prosper again as recovery ensues.

We offer customized IoT solutions according to your business needs to kick-start your IoT journey

Public Sector

Empowering Public sector with innovation and adopt smarter governance digitally

Technology today is transforming the way in which Government and Public sector interact and deliver services and benefits to citizens globally. Public sectors access the best capabilities that technology can provide today.

Adept View’s Application Transformation Management includes Cloudify existing applications, developing Cloud native applications, API & Integration.

Adept View’s Data & Analytics services includes Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things and Managed Analytics services